Where would i look in a 89 bonneville to find the other end of the battery cables?

I need to check them because my car will not start and I've already changed the battery and starter. I also need to know where to find the solenoid in my car. Thanks for any help possible.


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GM starters the solenoid is on the Starter, that were the wires connected and where the Positive cable from the Battery connect. The ground wire from the battery go to the engine and bolts there. Also, there should be a smaller ground wire go from the battery to the fender. Look, you will see.
Where the Positive Cable connect on the Starter/Solenoid there are about 2-3 others wires go to different things like Alternator, Dash, etc. then there a small wire connect on a little post all by itself, this wire come from the ignition switch to make the starter turn when you crank the car. Be sure that wire connected and not broke or the starter not do anything.

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You should be able to follow the cables.
The negative will go straight to a body/chassis ground.Probrably a thick cable to the block and a smaller one to the body.
The positive cable will go from the alternator to the battery,another cable should go straight to the solenoid,while still another one should go to the fuse panel underhood.
Your solenoid should be on the start I think,it will be a cylinder on the side of the starter

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You should be able to trace the wire to the solenoid, which is mounted on the starter or mounted seperately in the engine compartment which should have two big wires and two small wires connected to it.

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snagelfri is right. Are you sure that you put all of the wires back on when you changed the starter?
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