At what temperature would a car battery freeze?

My car wouldn't start this morning. I downloaded a guide on jumping cars off of the internet and it warned against jumping a frozen car battery saying that it could explode. My car is garage kept and it's about zero degrees out there now. It was -15 yesterday. Should I pay somebody to come jump the car and risk things or should I just do it myself? What temperature would a car battery freeze at?


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if your battery is not working in the cold and its OK otherwise then its more a case of it not having enough cold cranking amps.
you will see on the batteries in the store cold crank amps stickers on the batteries you want the most you can get in a battery that will fit your car.
another thing you can do is buy a battery warmer its a blanket that wraps around the battery and you just plug it in then unplug and drive away the warmer stays around the battery. you may also want to plug in the block heater . both can be run off of timers if you want to save some money .
a jump start is fine just hook the cables up correctly and away you go its really the only thing you can do unless you have a battery charger .
i wonder how some other people on here think we all start our cars here in Canada with no boost . that's funny on cold days tow trucks do almost nothing but boost cars.

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car batteries will not freeze if they are charging. If yours is frozen, check the condition of your charging system....
good luck

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PS... do NOT jump start or charge the battery. IT WILL EXPLODE!
Replace the battery only

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the fliud can freeze if its a very old battery
the electrolytes in the battery break down changing into water

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If you are uncomfortable jump starting a car.. call your towing company to do it for you
If its a battery past its warranty? go buy a new one

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Mail box 10 is right!! You could remove the battery an put it in the house for several hours but you may have the same problem tomorrow.

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Take your caps off the battery and look inside to see if the water is frozen or not. The reason batteries explode is because gas accumalates inside the battery with the cap on. I have never heard of a battery exploding with the cap off. A little trick is to get a mechanics lamp, the ones with the cover. Turn it on and leave it under the car by the battery side. Heat rises and will help a little in keeping engine and battery warm. Also, there is danger in starting the car itself. Does your oil meet the requirements too. If the last oil change you put in 30 weight then you have a problem besides the battery. The oil will thicken as oil can freeze too. If it thickens when it gets too cold, then no oil goes to the motor and guess what happens next.

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You did not really say what the temp in the garage was too. I would buy a cheap thermometer and place it near and about level with the car. Then you will be able to check the temperature more accurately. If a door goes to the house, leave the door open to heat the inside of the garage up. Then you can save the money and jump the battery yourself. Also if you get it running, then you might want to go to an automotive parts store where they can check your battery and alternator for FREE. Call around first. You might have a bad cell in the battery or bad alternator.

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i own a repair shop,and a frozen battery will explode,you can take it out and take in where its warm,and it will thaw out,and most of the time when it thaws out it will regain its energy,and they will freeze up solid if they have a high water content to them instead of acid,i have one setting on the out side right now that's frozen real good but its a junk one,but they will actually freeze up,you may have to replace it ,sometimes the cold will destroy them,good luck i hope this help,s.

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heat it up and drive to pts store for new one..
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