My car runs good when it starts but when i turn it off and try to start it again it doesnt want to start?

It takes a couple of days for my car to start what could be the problem.


need info on how to replace front disc pads on a ford festiva with pictures if possible?

It is one of two things:

what is the easiest way to remove the high pressure power steering hose from steering rack on a 98 kangoo van?

Your battery needs replaced.

What is this shaking and rubbing sound coming from my car?


how do you reset the maintenace light on a hoda accord?

Your alternator needs fixed or the belt needs tightened.

Ford Expedition SUV Overdrive on or off?

Take it to the auto parts store, they'll test your battery for free and even put a new one in for you if needed.

does anyone knowhow to check the transmission oil in the automatic vauxhall cavalier. 1600cc. year 1993?

Sounds like It could be timing or battery thats the cheapest two I think

car don't run?

A couple of days to start it again? Hmmmm.

I have a 98' Ford Ranger with a horrible front right tire vibration and humming. Any ideas??

Normally, if you let the car cool down a bit, it should start again. That would lead me to believe there is a fault with the starter. Is the engine overheating? This would make it very hard to start. Nah, I think it's the starter. I have a car in my yard that does the same thing. (Waiting for my friend to remove it.)

how long do you have to report a car accident if the other person hit your car?

But a couple of days? Got me on that one.

Do anyone know where i can find a transmission for a 1997 dodge stratus at a reasonable price?

Go to Atuo Zone and ask if you can get your battery tested,
it's free. And if they were to check your battery while still
in your car, it can determine if it is your Alternator gone bad,
or your starter gone bad. I think it's better if they check your
battery while in your car. Just tell them ,your not sure which
one it is. If they are not to busy then they will take care of it
right away.

Acetone in gasoline..?

Does the car turn over? if not it's the starter.

fuse panel diagram, 1995 ford ranger?

if you said a couple hours, i would have said vapor lock in your fuel line. i dont know what year it is.but if it turns over fast enough, i dont think a battery or alternator..spray a bunch of carb cleaner down the intake..then crank it over.if it starts its probably vapor lock..that is how i had to start my truck after it was warm for several months.

2000 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L Engine, the engine light came on and went to auto zone to get it checked out.?

check your timing.could be off.

The front end of my car bangs when I turn the steering wheel, what might be the problem?

Will it crank over? If it cranks over and won't start you may have an internal leak in the fuel system, a flooded engine. Try holding the accelerator to the floor while cranking it. You didn't say what kind of car, but holding the gas to the floor usually bypasses the fuel system and puts the computer in flood mode. If it runs good and don't stall or stumble when it is hot, then the ignition system is probably ok. If it won't turn over when hot, look for a bad battery, starter or battery cables. The last thing to check would be for coolant getting in the cylinders and causing it to lock up. This would be from a leaking head gasket or intake manifold.

Should there be roadside fines for drivers who's car lights don't work!?

i think it might be getting too much gas or vapor lock
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