My car's turn signal has begun to blink really fast. Why?

My car is 5 years old and when I use my left turn signal it blinks really fast, about three times as fast as what it normally does. Do you know why that is? How do I fix it?


what material is a power gasket made of?

Either your flasher is going out or a light bulb. Turn on your blinker and walk around your car. If all your lights work, then it's the flasher.

how can i stop my enging from pinging?

your light is going out. Change your blinker bulb. Read your car manual to see how to do it.

Is it necessary to start a car up 15 mins earlier in the winter to let it warm up?

Its probably because u have a tail light out.

I see they sell Arc welders and MIG welders. What is the difference?

Check your bulbs.One of them is burned out.

corvette glass?

it's the car's signal that the bulb is about to burn out. Just replace it, it'll return to normal. No biggie.

1998 Cadillac Eldorado Instruction panel lites do not work?

blown bulb or lose wire

What are free and legal ways of transporting a vehicle, registered NonOp, in California?

change it it probably isn't working at all! turn it on and look at the lights front and back..

My electric car window won't go up or down.How do I get in the door to fix it?

The bulb on the left side is out. It needs to be replaced.

why wont my truck hold fuel pressure??

one of your bulbs are burnt out

How can I clean the foggy headlights on my 1996 civic without compromisong the watertight sealant?

check the lights on the outside of your car (not the light in the dash) one of them may be out.

When changing my radiator, do I need to fill the transmission fluid reservoir?

you need a new flasher

Looking at buying a used pickup, Chevy or Ford, years 95-99?

Does the bulb still work? Sometimes when the bulb needs replaced it blink fast inside the car but be blown .

I have a 1985 Pontiac Firebird,today I drove it and turned it off for 4 hours and came back it wouldnt start.?

check to make sure all of your bulbs are working

Is there a product available that will remove hard water stains from your vehicle windows and paint?

it means your car is about to explode. now run, run fast. necropehlia

Any ideas on why my 2002 Kia Spectra won't start?

Your blinker bulb is burned out! Just replace it yourself, it should be very easy.

Car starting trouble?

You have a fuse bulb, change the bulb as soon as possible. Thats it your problem is solved

How do I remove the harmonic balancer on a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 litre engine?

Most likely, one of the bulbs, front or rear, is burned out on that side. Replace the burned out bulb and it will signal normally again.

How do I store a car for 3 to 6 months?

Your blinker light bulb is burnt out. you need to change the bulb

how much will a 6000 mile check up for my 2000 vw beetle cost?

your bulb is blown

Please I Need help What is a Barometric Sensor for cars?

One of your turn signal bulbs is burned out. The rapid blinking rate is the signal to tell you to check it. Dress in something semi-revealing, go to any autoparts store and they will change your bulb for free. You'll pay for the bulb, but the labor will be free. Be sure to wear lipstick.

i just changed the breaks on my jeep cherokee including the rotors and calibers, now it wont move!whathappened


are the 89-94 lincoln continentals good cars?

Your car is low on blinker fluid.. has the check blinker fluid light come on yet? You can check it under the hood, it usually says 710 on the dipstick..

Where can I learn to weld in Sheffield?

Had one that did that. Had a short in the socket.

Ford Explorers are they good vehicles to purchase?

one of the 2 lights is burnt out either the front or back. put your blinker on and check it out from the outside

MY door handle fell off my car (1988 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL) HELP!?

Maybe it is on crack . perhaps you should do an intervention. It's a really bad addiction.

What else could be wrong with the horn?

one of your turn signal lights is burned out

What type of oil does a Dodge Ram 1500 use?

Your blinker is going out. You should change it asap or you might get a ticket from a cop if it goes out and he sees it.

I am looking restoration parts for a 47' chevy fleetline convertable?

the bulb is going out, you need to change ot or have someone change it for you

1999 neon bad on gas!?

The flasher is getting weak ,they are cheap and usualy plug into the fuse box.

Ihave a ford e 250 2003 van, need to do rotors and brakes, how do i know if its 2 wheel or 4 wheel abs?

When I had your problem, the Turn Signal Relay was the culprit.

Where can I find yale lift truck owner and service manuals?

Check for loose connection/dirty contacts.

You Drive to Work,RIGHT!!Why Dont Auto Technicians(Automotive DOCTORS)Gross Half As Much AS Human DOCTORS?

I got a used one from salvage yard for about $1.00 and my

How do you replace a starter in a Chrysler Town and Country Minivan?

problem was solved.

how do I fix a deep rust spot on my car door?

your lightbulb is going out.CHANGE IT!
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