What do i have to do to make my 95 eclipse go faster it is a non turbo i want it to go fast but i dont want to

spend alot of cash please help me out im sick of losin street races..


My 92 jeep cherokee turns over but doesn't start but the fuel pump is still good any suggestions?

Well, since street racing is illegal...you should probably just be happy that you have a car in the first place. However, without spending a lot of money there isnt much you can do. for street racing...ram air intake is better, not cold air. ram air works at lower speeds to get your speed up faster, cold air gets you going faster after a while..so honestly, it really wont help you in a street race. Ram air intake is the way to go. You can reprogram your computer, like someone said. Shift as late as possible, however, this is terrible for your engine and it will probably blow your clutch quickly. All in all, a 95 eclipse is junk. They are highly unreliable, so you best be good to it, or else you'll be looking for something new.

How do i turn off the service engine soon lite on my 99 oldsmobile Alero ,it runs fine but lite wont go out?

eclipse are slow sell it pimpin

How to I remove the actual wiper arms from the motor. GMC S15 Jimmy 1994?

Add nitrus.

Car problem. Ideas?

Get a better engine.

How do you determine if your car is a lemon year?

It needs an upgrade.

What is the minimum ampage leisure battery charger I should use to charge a leisure battery?

95 Eclipse is quite old. Try installing NOS. That might boost your car's performance at the most awkward of times.

I need instructions on how to replace the tailight on my 2002 Santa Fe Hyundai?

well since u don't want to buy a turbo. U could buy a superchips or diablo programmer. this should reprogram the cumputer of ur car. giving u in average of a 30 HP gain, disactivate the rev limiter and speed limiter. Price ($250-450)

What is a goldseal engine?

realisticly, you can't do much. Cold air ram. strait pipe it.
NOS would be the best proformance gain, aside of a turbo.

My dad has a 1988 Plymouth Sundance and the brakes go to the floor.?

i own a shop,and the two don't go together real good if you want to win a few street races you might as well shell out some money,because on an eclipse,a few dollars wont help it,it takes more than a little to help these beat some of the better cars,good luck i hope this helps.

What are components of the well?

Get about a 200 hp shot of NOS and blow it up then buy a fast car.
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