How to check antifreeze from the radiator, not the overflow. Thanks to all who reply!?


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wait till its totally cooled! .. no pressure in the system!
if you squeeze the upper radiotor hose and you cant feel force back (as in pressure in the line) it should be cooled enough for you to open the cap. if theres antifreeze there get the anitfreeze tester..if not antifreeze there check for a leak also check and make sure your cap is sealing properly.. you can take to garage for a pressure test to hav eit checked out if ther eis any problem you are worried about

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wait till car is cool open rad cap run car ten mins with cap off and test

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If it has a radiator cap (no, some cars don't) then you use a hydrometer. bought for about $5.00 at any local parts store.
Hope it helps. the instructions will be with the hydrometer.

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Wait until the car is cool..
Then open the radiator cap and look inside the radiator.

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wait till the engine is cold then remove the radiator cap and check it.

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Open the radiator cap and ckeck the antifreeze . But only after the car is cold. Do Not open Hot.

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well if you want to die when checking open cap when hot, other wise wait till car is cool and look in the cap and see if you can see any fluid
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