How do i put spark plugs on a 1994 chevy caprice?


there is no pressure on my cluth it goes to the floor with no pressure at all , the slave cylinder is new?

get 8 spark plugs made for the car, get a spark plug wrench that fits over them. gap the plugs according to the gap specified by the supplier. pull the first spark plug wire. put the wrench over the spark plug turn counterclockwise to loosen and remove. insert the new sparkplug with your fingers and screw it in clockwise with your fingers till it is too tight to turn anymore (at least 3 turns) then tighten it with the spark plug wrench . then plug the spark plug wire back in and go on to the next plug and do the same thing until all eight plugs have been replaced.

i need a used transmission for / 99 oldsmobile alero 6 cylinder/ live in washington dc!?

get a sparkplug deep socket probly a 5/8socket .the socket should have rubber inside so when you unscrew it.It will stay on the socket. Then take off one spark plug wire and unscrew the plug. then take new plug screw in but cant screw to tight or it will break so just snug the plug to where its tight.Then put back wire. but important to do one at a time cant mix spark plug wire it has go on same change one at a time

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Well First you have to take the old ones out
Get new ones
Put new ones to location where the old ones were.
you may need to do step 2 first
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