Can I still drive with a bad alternator?

I am getting a new alternator this week but before then, the car is my only way to get to work...Can I still drive it for a couple days with a bad alternator?


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An alternator needs to be changed as soon as possible. Due to the amount of electrical components in your car, running strictly off the battery will not last very long. Just driving down the road using the bare necessities, no radio, no blower fan, no headlights, your car will still use electricity to run the computer, the fuel pump, injectors, sensors, and radiator fans. These things will cause the battery not to last very long. You will know when the battery gets weak, the car will start to surge as the pump doesn't push enough fuel and the injectors can't open correctly. Then you stop and need to call a tow truck.

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On my car when the alternator went out, I was able to drive about 10 miles before the car started messing up.

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As long as you keep your AAA card handy. Your car may or may not start after the next time you turn off the engine

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If your alternator is defective, it won't produce current to keep the ignition firing. Your battery will, if charged, keep the electronics going for a short time. I do not recommend driving the car.

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i believe you can. Just make sure when you get a new alternator to have your battery checked because it is going to drain your battery because an alternator recharges it. And if you drive without it and you cant start your car you will have to buy a new battery to get it started. An alternator is what keeps your car running also. Normally when you have a dead battery you can always get a jumpstart because the alternator keeps it running. But with a bad alternator you are just running off of the battery.

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Yes, but don't stall it or turn the engine off or you may not get it fired up again!

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if you make it past the first day you are doing good.....but then again when you have discovered that your alternator was bad the car had already drained most of the juice from the battery, thus you will have starting problems until you get it fixed, when you do get another alternator you might as well pick up a new battery. And I wouldn't recommend pushing your luck as far as starting the car with a bad battery cause you will somehow burn out the starter (and that had happened to me once before). Good luck!

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It will only last maybe a day, 2 tops..... nothing recharging the battery.... it wont last too long.
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