Can anyone tell me how much it should cost to have the seals replaced on a 1994 Dodge Stealth?

Mine is a regular non-turbo Stealth. Can you approximate labor per hour costs and the cost to have the heads removed and the seals redone


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Flat rate labor varies from place to place. The labor hours will be pretty standard. Don't expect to get out of that one cheap. Them Stealths are not fun cars to work on if I remember correctly. Best thing to do is stat at the local dealer and call around, dealer first because it's probably going to be the highest. Good luck!

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W M is correct. But there is also other expenses you can't figure in until they get the heads off. Because if the valve seals are wasted then the valve guides could be bad. You can have some burnt valves, warped heads, it is hard to say. So Good Luck.
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