How important is it to keep your car tires properly inflated?


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Important for good gas mileage, and to prevent flats

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Very important. The proper amount of air insures the even wear of the tire, the alignment of your vehicle as well as gas mileage.

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helps protect the life of your tires

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helps get better gas mileage

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helps protect you or others from possible injury of an unexpected blowout

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helps protect your car from wear

What does a higher grade of gas do?

love yourself - love your car

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It's important enough that you should do it. You don't want a flat or problems with the shocks or anything else. especially when checking and adjusting the air pressure is so easy.

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Important for good gas mileage. But it's alot more important to rotate your tires every 10,000 miles so they wear evenly.

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Improperly inflated tires cause them to wear unevenly. Too much air, and you wear just the center of the tire. Not enough air, and you wear down just the edges.

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depends on how long you want them to last. Overinflate and the center of the tires wear quicker, underinflate and the outside of the tires wear quicker. Proper inflate and the tires last longest.

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For maximum milage you should keep your tires properly inflated. Your car will also handle better. You will also get better gas milage!

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It's important to keep it inflated, because they'll become flat.

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it depends if you like pumping by hand or compressor a difference in gas mileage and tire wear thats the difference

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It's very important and it involves how much gas you use.
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