My husband is abiker and want to give him the best present for crimbo (but NOT a new bike)any ideas?


does anyone know where i can get a motor w tran for an 1990 fzr 600 yamaha?

It's kind of risky getting a part for the bike unless you can get good information from his friends about the exact brand of things he wants. So, some more generic motorcycle themed gifts:

Which is best motorcycle among Honda, Yamaha?

1. A book about motorcycles. Something like David Hough's _Proficient Motorcycling_ or maybe something specific about his type of bike.

First Scooter Recommendation?

2. A handheld GPS, if he's into really long rides.

honda trx400ex 01, rear brake?

3. More motorcycle boots or gloves. If you've got his size and the general style of his riding gear, these are pretty safe choices as they're something you can't really have too many of.

Chinese copy of honda125cc motorcycles,Anyone tried them?

4. DVDs of motorcycle movies like On Any Sunday or Easy Rider.

heritage softail?

A pair of 18 carat gold bike clips?

How do I adjust the rear suspension for a 2005 Honda shadow spirit?

a day at snetterton race track

Rope or Chain?

A personalised helmet!

does driving at hgh speed after the running in period shall reduce the engine life and performance?

You could get him new custom things for new chrome pipes, or maybe an interchangeable gas tank for it. My old boss's mom customized her bike so that the seat had lips on it, the tank was pearlized white, and the pegs, kickstand and everything had chrome naked ladies. That was sweet. Every man loves to customize his bike.

which is the beeter bike between Bajaj Discover dtsi and Hero Honda Glamours?

Other options, new leathers, new helmet, gloves, saddle bags, new boots, but I'd go for maybe a gift certificate to a custom shop. Most men I know would be drooling for custom work done to their bike.

what is my rpm at 75 mph on my 2005 HD road king 1450 cc?

Give him a ticket to South Africa so he can go on one of the many crazy rallies out there.Rhino rally,Impala rally,to name just a few.Check out for pics.and dates.One good weekend with thousands of bikers,a lifetime of memories.

Why is my scooter so slow?

Why not a set of these new flashing LED lights that can light him up like a Christmas Tree on these dark evenings.

My motorcycle won't start, it just makes a kind of clicking noise. What's wrong with it?

Something for his Bike. May be a cool air filter or chrome battery cover with scroll work. I not know what he have on his Bike. Some leather gloves with the fingers open. Saddle Bags. Maybe a fuel cap. But, if he like the Biker friends I have and myself. Anything for the Bike be nice and well received.

Saddle Bags (throw over)?

Does he have a set of highway pegs? I bought some for my bike & it makes a world of difference on those long rides. My Bad, but, what is crimbo?

i have a 300ex want to get a 125 dirtbike?

well if hez into the hole black lether type thing u could pay for him to get a tattoo or if hes not into black lether tattoo type thing get him a new set of lethers

My next bike..Honda 599. Opinions please...?

Talk to some of his biker buddies on the Q.T. and see what he's been talking about for parts on his bike.

Heritage Softail 05?

Buy him something pink and try to keep a straight face when you give it to him.

smooth or tread tires for non-motorized cart?


Bike Leathers Over A Suit?

A man's motorcycle is something very personal so I would avoid buying him anything for the bike itself, what you feel would be a good gift may not be his idea of a good gift. I think you have two choices, something practical or something frivolous. Assuming you are in the UK and want something practical then I suggest an "Optimate battery charger" for around £40, just search on this and you'll find it. Something frivolous and more expensive? Then nothing beats a day at a motorcycle racing school, available at many UK racing circuits depending on where you are. If you are in the midlands I recommend the Ron Haslam racing school at donnington park, or just do a search on google, they mostly all offer gift vouchers. Do not buy him a helmet like others have suggested, the shell shape varies from brand to brand and they really must be tried on to ensure the correct fit. Otherwise everytime he gets a headache while riding he'll think of you. One last suggestion, go out on the back with him if you don't already, he'll love this and you may well do to. Hope this helps

Baby Motorcycle Jacket?

Tattoo on his scrotum saying YOU DA MAN!

wise choice in trade in trade in for older but bigger bike ?

Pay for a track day, if that's his sort of thing?

wondering if spark arrestors are just for performance pipes or do you need them on stock pipes ?

Give him an off-roading holiday somewhere nice - I'd recommend in Portugal, you go with him and relax while he rides bikes and gets dirty -
everyone's a winner.

i have a suzuki gz250 and heard you can change the gearing or something to make it run smoother at lower rpm?

Pay for him to do a Police run 'bikesafe' advanced riding scheme.(UK only thoigh) Its less than £100 for 2 days of top quality expert road riding tuition with a bunch of top guys and girls with bikes. I went to North Wales and it was superb. Made my riding alot safer and is the best investment I haver ever made, bike wise.

How does my quad sprocket loose its teeth??

So if you really love him book it up! His riding will be safer and it lessens the chances of him coming off his bike (god forbid).

are motorcycle gangs still considered counter culture?

Good luck!

harley_4f thanks for your answer?

A paid weekend away with the bike, you and if you like them invite his biker friends,(they pay their own way) He may just like to get away for the weekend uptown/out of town/seashore. take a nice ride and have somewhere warn to to rest for the night.

I have a kawasaki klf 200A atv frame with like nothing on it where do i start to rebuild?

A scale model of his fav bike
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