What motorcycle is best for a starter?

I am looking to get a first-ever motorcycle to ride on. And yes, I have ridden motorcycles before so safety is not an issue. Just now, I want to buy my own. I need a nice, stylish, solid street legal motorcycle. I am willing to pay up to 800 dollars (i know that's not much, but hey, it's temporary). Does not have to be new. Any suggestions or recommendations for what kind of motorcycle to look for?


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theere are lots of old Hondas out there, check craigslist.org and Ebay.com :)

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a ninja 250, brand new they cost 2900 so i am sure you could find a decent used one one cheap

Entry bike?

On your budget, it looks like the biggest thing is going to be what you can get a good deal on. That, and you'll want to be sure it's running, short enough you can flat-foot it, and not so heavy you'd hurt yourself picking it up if it falls over.

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Usually the thing I try to steer beginners away from is too much power, but in your case I'd say it's even more important to avoid scary mechanical issues. Things like dry-rotted tires or an engine that runs on half its cylinders and then has the other half kick in abruptly can be major safety issues. And it'll be hard (unless you get an old liter sportbike) to get scary fast amounts of power on your budget... although possible if you try!

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Take a look at our web site…

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We are a site that is designed to help people research a new motorcycle. We list out all of the bikes and show you the pricing & specs.

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We also have a compare tool that will allow you to look at two (or three) bikes side by side.

wallpapers of motorcycles?

If cost is an issue - we have a section that gives you the ability to search by price (however - not too many new bike out there under $1,000; but it should help you find something you like).

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Good luck….
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