What is 150cc what it mean cc?


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Cubic Centimeters

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Combustion Capacity of an engine.


cubic centimetres. and the 150 it how many, 1000cc is one litre so 150cc is 0.15litres

I having honda c70 motorcycle. but i want to make a really amazing modify.?

CC is what you do when you eat something spicy

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try a jalapeno

Sold but lost title?

cc means cubic centimeters, (metric system),/ ci, cubic inch (Standard system of measurement)

i am taking a harley for a test ride how do i start the bloody thing. dont want to look like an ***.?

cc means cubic centimetres.... i guess it stands 4 unit of volume

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150 cc is the bor of a moter a 15o cc motor is usally 149 cubic centimeters just like on a car the notor may be a 350ci

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It is the standard way of representing displacement capacity of automobile engine. For example bajaj Chetak is a 150 cc vehicle.

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"cc" means cubic centimetres.

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A more important question would be "have I learned enough before riding this machine that I won't kill myself?" Seriously, do your homework first. 150 c.c. is fine for smaller people and just plodding around if it's a 4-wheeler and/or 4-stroke. If it's a 2 stroke motocross-er, it may be too much for you as a obvious beginner. Good luck.

I am Planning to buy a bike but i am confused wat to prefer..?(I am looking in gud style and decent mileage.?)

cubic centimetres - the volume of the engine cylinder

Why don't Brits ride Harley Davidson Motorcycles?

it is cubic centimeter

i have a 4-stroke bike cbz (india) and i want to ask that can i use thinner/sprit with petrol as fuel ?

Engine displacement is defined as the total volume of air/fuel mixture an engine can draw in during one complete engine cycle; it is normally stated in cubic centimetres, litres or cubic inches. In a piston engine, this is the volume that is swept as the pistons are moved from top dead centre to bottom dead centre.

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Standard engines

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In a standard piston engine (an Otto or Diesel engine), displacement is calculated by multiplying the number of cylinders in the engine with the area of a piston and the length of the stroke. With circular pistons, displacement can be calculated from the bore diameter and stroke using the following formula:


\mbox{displacement} = {\pi\over 4} \times \mbox{bore}^2 \times \mbox{stroke} \times \mbox{number of cylinders}


Displacement in other engine types (especially for a Wankel engine) is much more complicated. For instance,Mazda's 13B is a two-rotor engine with combustion chambers of roughly 0.65 liters in displacement (difference in max vs. min combustion chamber volume). At 100% volumetric efficiency, 0.65 liter per rotor face * 3 faces per rotor * 2 rotors gives a total displacement of 3.9 liters. It takes 3 rotations of the eccentric shaft to complete one engine cycle, however. In 2 rotations of the eccentric shaft, comparable to 2 crankshaft rotations on a 4-stroke piston engine, the 13B would displace 2.6 liters. Mazda advertises the 13B as a 1.3 liter engine, which is the volume displaced during a single rotation of the eccentric shaft.

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Displacement is equal to the volume of combustible air/fuel mixture ingested during one cycle of all the cylinders at 100% volumetric efficiency. Thus, a four-stroke engine ingests its displacement in combustible mixture in two engine revolutions, while a two-stroke engine needs only one engine revolution to do so.

any one there to solve it out?

Engine power is thus dependent on the quantity of air/fuel mixture ingested and the efficiency of its combustion and conversion into power. To increase the quantity of mixture combusted, the engine displacement can be increased, the speed of operation of the engine can be increased, or the mixture quantity (volume) can be delivered at a higher pressure, which is the function of such devices as turbochargers and superchargers. See engine tuning.

1975 Honda CB550 will start but does not idle. runs on carb cleaner?

All other factors being equal, a larger displacement engine is therefore more powerful than a smaller one. It is the easiest method of adding power since it neither requires higher rotational speeds nor complicated auxiliaries. The ease of adding power this way (along with the lack of performance effects such as turbocharger lag caused by the time needed to spin up the turbine of the turbocharger) led to the sayings There's no substitute for cubic inches or, alternatively, There's no replacement for displacement commonly quoted by devotees of large-engined cars.


The added mass and size reduce a vehicle's maneuverability however, and in applications where that is important, alternative methods for increasing power are commonly employed. Additionally, because the efficiency of the engine is not improved, fuel consumption rises dramatically.

honda gl 1100 interstate?

In cars, engines with over 8 litres of displacement are extremely rare in the last half-century and most modern cars utilize engines much smaller than that: in the United States, 1 to 2 litres for smaller cars, 3 to 5 litres for larger and faster cars, and 5 to 8 litres in sports cars. In Europe, cars with a displacement larger than 2 litres are rare, due to taxation discouraging the use of fuel-inefficient cars.

Where is the speed sensor on a 2004 GSX-R 750 and how do you change it out?

Five to 10 litre engines are used in many single and twin engine propeller-driven aircraft. Much larger engines tend to be diesel engines fitted to trucks, ships, railroad locomotives and those used to drive stationary electrical generators. The displacement of each cylinder in such an engine may be much larger than that of a whole car engine.

i am trying to track the history and model of my 66 triumph t120 motorcycle, engine no; du43416. thanks.?

[edit] Governmental regulations

I have a bike,1300 r1 suz..What bike do you think is the fastest?

In many nations levels of taxation on automobiles have been based on engine displacement, rather than on power output. Displacement is easy to identify and difficult to modify whereas power output must be tested. This has encouraged the development of other methods to increase engine power.

When should I start advertising my bike for sale?

There are four major regulatory constraints for automobiles: the European, the British, the Japanese, and the American. The method used in some European countries, and which predates the EU, has a level of taxation for engines over one (1.0) litre and another at the level of about 100 cubic inches, which is approximated to 1.6 litres. The British system of taxation depends upon vehicle emissions for cars registered after 1 March 2001 but for cars registered before this date it depends on engine size. Cars under 1549cc qualify for a cheaper rate of tax [1].

Driving a 125cc Scooter with a passenger?

The Japanese is similar to the European taxation by classes of displacement, plus a vehicle weight tax. In the American system, which includes Canada, Australia and New Zealand, there is not this sort of taxation per engine displacement. In The Netherlands and Sweden, road tax is based on vehicle weight.

is it a nice motorbike for a learner?

Displacement is also used to distinguish categories of (heavier) motorbikes with respect to license requirements. In France and some other EU countries, mopeds, usually with a two-stroke engine and less than 50 cm3 displacement can be driven with minimum qualifications (previously, they could be driven by any person over 14). This led to all light motorbikes having a displacement of about 49.9 cm3. Some people tuned the engine by increasing the cylinder bore, increasing displacement; such mopeds cannot be driven legally on public roads since they do no longer conform to the original specifications and may go faster than 45 km/h.

I just bought a Kawazaki zx 1400 (190 hp) who wants to race me?

Wankel engines, due to the amount of power and emissions they create for their displacement, are generally taxed as 1.5 times their actual physical displacement (1.3 litres becomes 2.0, 2.0 becomes 3.0), although actual power outputs are far greater (the 1.3 litre 13B can produce power comparable to a 3.0 V6, and the 2.0 litre 20B can produce power comparable to a 4.0L V8). As such, racing regulations actually use a much higher conversion factor.

i have yamaha bansse iwant know whatkind oil its the best for gas?

c.c. stands for cubic centimeters. 150cc is the volume of the engine,bore x stroke, (diameter of the cylinder mutiplied by the travel of the piston from top to bottom.)

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cubic centimeters, 150cc is how many cubic centimeters the engines cylinder size is.

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cc is cubic centimeters the more the cc's the more power

Why does every one love H-D?

i am gonna keep this short and sweet. 150cc means the volume of petrol and combustion gas the engine can hold at a given time.
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