Motorcycle question..What exactly is a soft tail on a bike??


i am searching for a low down payment and emi bikes. what is the good way to learn 2 wheeler driving?

It is a model of a Harley-Davidson - it is designed to look like there is no suspension (ie hard-tail) but hiddedn inside there is a shock absorber and spring making it more comfortable like modern motorcycles (it is called the soft-tail)

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Its the rear suspension. On a Rigid tail there is no suspension.

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shocks...rigid means there is nothing there to take the roughness of the road.

Is it mandatory to wear a helmet when riding a bike in the UK?

Definition: A Soft Tail is a motorcycle that appears to have a Hard Tail rear suspension but in reality has shock absorbers that are hidden from view. Harley-Davidson has many Soft Tail models but they call them Softails.

how much horse power will I recieve from standerd 96cid to a stage 1 on a softail custom. how much more to a 2

It depends if im sitting on the bike

whats the fastest road bike?

A soft tail is a rear wheel suspension systen that looks like it is'nt there so ya get the clean look of a hard tail without it busting your butt when hitting bumps

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the shocks are hidden underneath the frame.

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The rear wheel and surrounding framework on a softail, is hinged, and has a spring and shock absorber assemly hidden undernearth it. This is what makes it a softail. It's a much smoother riding bike.

yamaha blasters?

softail means that you don't have the balls to ride a rigid

what do i ride?

A rigid, or hardtail has no rear suspension (see my bike in my 360), but looks much cleaner than a swingarm suspension.
A soft tail looks similar to a hardtail, but gives some suspension travel, though not as much as a swingarm suspension.

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It a HOG or should I say Harley Davidson with rear shocks, ee Harley Softtail.
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