Tyre Choice for Yamaha XJ900F?

For the past few weeks I have been riding an XJ900 which I aquired from my dad.
I'm not too happy with the current Tyres. Contitour on the back and Bridgestone BT45 Battle axe on the rear. They start to slip when cornering. Especially in the wet. Any suggestions for tyres (not too pricey) with a bit more grip but still offer durability?


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Would sort this fairly soon, having mixed tyres on your bike is a bit of a no no, the balance of grip between front and rear is very important.
Ive used BT 014 and found them to be still quite grippy in the wet and awsome in the dry and also reasonable on price.

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I've always liked the old style (soccer ball tread pattern) Metzler ME99 with ME 33 Lazers on the front. They come in two compounds, and the softer compound handles excellently and I still got a lot of miles out of it. Some racing compound tires can feel 'squirrelly' when wet, never had that experience with the Metzlers. Avon enjoys a good reputation over here with their racing tires, and may be less expensive over there. (I'm assuming you're not from the US <tyres>) Have fun and keep your tyres on the pavement!

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Personally, for price, grip and longevity, I reckon Avon Super Venoms would be your best choice.

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Unfortunately, slipping is something a lot of motorcycles do when it's wet.
Maybe try some NEW tyres.
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