Cleaning exaust carbon out of motorcycle? HELP!?

i have 76 honda CJ360 motorcycle
i am trying to clean out my exaust because it is clogggged!
it started to exaust out black powerly smoke...or carbon
and making puffy sound every 5 sec with a lot of powder.
however... i took out the exaust and it was kinda heavy...

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thank you

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remove exaust from bike...plug one end with a suitable sized object(wood, rubber, plastic)..stand pipe up against the wall & fill with caustic soda...leave for a day...wash out with water & refit to bike...

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Once they get so clogged you only have two real choices.

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A) Take something sharp and long, preferably rotating and just drill out the pipe (get ready to piss off your neighbors every time you start it from then on).

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B) Buy a new pipe.

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You will get considerable performance increase either way, but if you get a new pipe, you may want to also do some additional maintenance to the bike (carb adjustment, spark plugs, etc.) to make sure that you aren't just going to foul it up right off the bat.

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You can buy stuff called Turkasol which is a type of solvent, very strong, keep away from yous skin, some motorcycle workshops use it,i do, you keep it in a drum , deep enough to hang your exhaust in. and leave it there for a week, it will remove all carbon which drops to the bottom of the drum, after a week, remove the exhaust and wash through with water usually water pressure is enough to wash out all the dissolved carbon and your pipes will come out like brand new. But always wear protective gear when working with this stuff because on you skin or clothes it is like caustic soda, it burns!

What's the model of you motorcycle?

If your exhaust is clogged with carbon imagine how bad the engine is....that's where it came from in the first place. Being an old Honda I would get some Seafoam & Seafoam's Deep Creep for the carb(s). Follow the instructions carefully for both.
If the bike is rideable after you do the Seafoam in the tank take her out and run it through all the gears and get it up to speed, don't just putz around town. Run the piss out of it to blow out that carbon crud. Good Luck.

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Carbon build up is common in the pipes of older bikes that dont see alot of maintenance, the easiest fix would be to replace the pipes, if this is not affrdable i have found that clamping the exhaust pipe in a vise and running a drain-snake through the pipe at low rpms will break up most of it (find a drain snake that is drill powered)

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Go to an alternative fuel depot, or if you have a drag strip near you, Buy a couple of gallons of VP 109 (high octane fuel mixed with methanol, and some other things). It will clean the entire motor, including valves and also it will clean your exhaust. There are other octane levels, but 109 is all you will need, they have 114, 120, and higher, but being that your bike is older and doesnt have the proper engine mods, anything higher than 114 will burn your motor up.
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