When do I get the motorbike out of winte storage?

Ok spring is not here yet but the last few days have been proper biking weather. So when should you get it from winter storage and onto the road? Don't bother with fair weather rider stuff as I know I'm a fair weather rider and like it!!


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Whenever you please.

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When you put away your ear muffs and mittens, easy rider.

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No mate, too much salt on the roads.

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The roads might look dry but that damn salt is everywhere.

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Personally I never get the bike out until the night time temp and the day time temp add up to at least 20. This is a great working formula which I have used for many years.

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PS I should add that I am a p ussy cat, not a rough tough "all weather" biker... ( I do have a lot of respect for those lads though) and I hate cleaning the damn thing.

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i.e., night time temp 6 degrees, day time temp 14 degrees, whoopeee!! ,

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keep asking my self the same question!only my bikes in a few hundred pieces awaiting a engine,think end of march is about the right time,still to much salt an sh1t on the roads an the nights are still early. take it easy on your first outing mate.

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i agree with the salt point. Plus, remember last year? we got snow in March, and i had to put my lad back in the garage (not a metaphor) for nother 2 months

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today dude but wrap up warm

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My husband's bike (ZX6R)had it's first outing of 2007 yesterday - go for it and enjoy the ride!!

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PS: It's s'posed to be nice again tomorrow so no excuses!!
PPS: Just remember to give everything a quick coating of protective spray...

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Seems to me that even bikers are suffering from the effects of global warming. You just dont know if it right to come out of hibernation. I would still stay indoors and keep warm or the frost will get you.

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Personally, my bike's fluids are always fresh, tires aired up, battery-tender connected, and cover on bike in garage -- so any day is a good day to ride -- even in the middle of winter.

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You don't ride in the snow and ice? You crazy fool, that's the best time! I learnt to ride in the winter, it was great. Seriously, when it's not icey , take the bike out of storage.

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Real bikers ride year round!!

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You have never rode have you.? Get it out and ride when it is cold i think you will then know when its time to ride

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I took my out for a wee blast today, washed it, and put it away again. The weather was too good today to miss the opportunity.
There's nothing wrong with being a fair weather rider. I used to commute in all weathers but as I don't need to now the bikes thankful for a weekend thrashing.

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I don't know what part of the county you live in. I live in PA. I put my bike away about a month ago when am temps were around freezing. I'll get it out when highs are in the mid 40's.

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I usually wait for 1 or 2 good rains to wash the salt off the roads.

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you need to put your safety first,going out on the roads at mo is abit risky,due to it being alittle icey in the morning,if you are abit keen wait till the afternoon and go for that all important ride,you will feel great for having the bike out and you might aswell keep it out for the rest of the year,keep it covered in the evening,and watch the flaming robbing gits try and nick it, have fun with it this year,plenty of nice weather to come so them lovely summers evenings are just around the corner,av fun.xx

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Ok firstly there is no such thing as a fair weather rider just someone who has no other form of transport so they have to ride all year round or someone who rides to enjoy the ride. Being a motorcycle instructor means that i have to sometimes ride in the crap but its not by choice trust me! Those that ride in the snow and ice have a death wish and their views cannot be relied upon as a sane observation either way! anyway my non training bike (yes i have two bikes) does not get taken out from its heated garage untill at least the end of feb but even then only if the gritters have not been out for a week or so. Its first trip is usually to the main dealers for its yearly service, and it goes back into its warm hideaway by the end of september its an 05 triumph with 2600 miles on the clock so you can see it dont get out much! my other bike is an 03 kwak and has 63000 on the clock and that dont get in much! i also have a car so when the weather is very bad i sit in that and watch the others get wet lol. any way in short wait till the gritters have finished before getting your baby out and put her away again before they start. Thats the recipie for a spotless bike! happy riding.
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