1981 Honda XL 250 started after been dormant. Smoke/puffing air escape,exhaust manifold,stops her..HELP PLS?

could it be the manifold gasket or is it something more serious if loosing compression.


can someone help my son?mom took away motocross?

After it has been sitting for some time, you must service the complete engine. This includes: Air filter replaced, oil changed, oil filter if it has one replaced check hoda shop of location most are internal, drian the tank and clean the carb put a inline fuel filter in, change the spark plug put a hotter plug in to help burn off the varnish build up. check all sealing surfaces for cracks or missing gaskets, check the rubber boot on both ends of the carb for rott or holes.If the engine is sucking air from another location it won't run a quick way to verify this would to start it and if it runs on choke only you have an air leak. Do the service maintenance first of course. The leak out of the exhaust manifold is the least of your worries. It will run with no exhaust manifold. Also since this is a four stroke Check the timing and the valves one or both may be stuck do to varnish/ carbon build up

where can i find out how to repair a throttle cable on a 1999 screaming eagle harley davison motor cycle.?

could be a bent exhaust valve
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