Nearest train station to waymouth bay hoilday park, preston,waymouth,dorset?

from birmingham newstreet station to waymouth bay dorset


What is the distance between narela(delhi) and nizamuddin railway station(delhi_?

Weymouth, can be a direct service from Birmingham on Virgin Cross Country (1 a day) otherwise you will have to do some changes. Cheapest route would be via Oxford, Reading, Southampton, Weymouth. Simple route (most expensive) via Euston, Underground, Waterloo, Weymouth.
Book 6 weeks in advance from nearest Mainline Railway Station to ensure cheapest tickets.

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Assuming you actually mean Weymouth, the closest railway stations would be either Upwey or Weymouth Town, both of which are about 5 miles from Preston.

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Weymouth itself.

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Have a good off to Newquay.

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Go to to plan your journey (just make sure you spell Weymouth correctly).

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First of all the town is Weymouth & noy Waymouth!
And the station you will need is Weymouth.
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