Can you takes dogs on u.k. trains?


How much is it from Liverpool to Leeds on a train?

It helps to be in uniform and the animal is trained to locate
drugs, explosives, firearms, fugitives, munitions, or persons deceased.
You other lot need your beast in a cage and I'd prefer it in baggage car or Third Class.

What is the monthly Season Ticket price from Tunbridge Wells to Cannon Street National Rail - UK?

Yes. You are allowed.

Who was J.B. King?

I do it all the time.

How can I be an MTA subway train operator (driver)?

Yes You can.

Anyone know of any chat forums for railway workers?

only if your in the UK I take my G/F on them all the time lol

I want to find Via Rail Canada, schedules and prices for tickets?

Not unless you have a binbag.

Is thier any sites to view live cctv cameras all around scotlands train stations?

Yes. People tut though which is quite funny...especially when it's busy!

Why can't we have superfast trains in the US like they do in France and Japan?

Yes you can.

Does anyone else work in an industry that you are offered job insurance, other than railroad?

yes you are allowed to but a lot of people don't like it

Is there a way to go, from england to amsterdam with train?


What is the disadvantages of high speed trains?

you are permitted to take 2 dogs onto a train free of charge any more you are supposed to pay.

Can you get a refund for a train ticket if the service is late or cancelled?

You are allowed to take up to two small household pets onto any train service as long as they are controlled and cause no nusiance value or endanger any other passenger or employee of the railway. They must be carried in a suitable container or restrained in a controlled fashion (i.e. leash). They can use seats if a suitable cover is provided that will not soil the said seat, however a fare paying passenger boards the service then the seat must be made availiable for them.
If the Pet/s cause a nusiance then the designated train manager / guard / conductor or driver can setrain you at any time or seek assistance to remove you from any train or premises. If you have more than 2 animals then a STANDARD half price fare must be paid for each additional animal.
As per usual this is all at the discretion of the train operator and employees concerned and at the end of the day the staff on the train have the final say as to if you can travel on that train or not.

Which railways goes from pune to Banglore and their timeing?

why do you want to take a dog on the train?
Keep it at home in its kennel

Can anybody tell me the timing of Shitabdi Train ?

The simple answer is Yes, but you may have to pay a fair for the dog! it all depends on the time of day & which rail company you use.

Could somebody explain to me what trains are hauling from where to where?

Yes you are. I was on the train to London and this dog with its owner was sitting opposite me. =]
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