Does anyone know the pay for Train Services entry level position for Union Pacific Rail Road?

I start class next month for a brakesmen and linesmen position. I understand the on call and am willing and able. I just dont understand the pay scale. I will be working for the Chicago area and they say 40k a year but whats the hourly? Does the 40K include over fourty?


How the steam-hauled train looks like?

If you go into train service as a brakeman/conductor the least of your worries will be money. Rest, on the other hand, is difficult to obtain.

Anyone know of any chat forums for railway workers?

Better check the tire on your wheelbarrow and see how much air is in it. The cash can get heavy.

Does "Glen Orchy" 62468 have the chimney from a J37?

Good luck and stay safe, or the cash will do you no good. And, if they ever offer to have you take the Operating Management Test Battery, don't do it........

Does anyone know where i can obtain vid/dvd of old railways in Essex.?

My husband started out the same way on Conrail/NS. His starting pay was 102.50 a day (8 hour shift) It then went up to 145.00 a day. he later became an engineer and can now pretty much write his own paycheck. There are so many variables in RR pay that it can be hard to figure out. Overtime, arbitraries, penalty pay. Just do exactly what they tell you to do, and hold your wallet open...

Is anyone an expert on Amtrak stuff?

Be Careful!!
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