Can i mount a windmill on a train?


Has anyone ever taken a ride aboard the Southwest Chief by Amtrak?

I've actually seen a picture of a small windmill mounted on a caboose. I think it was actually set up so that when the fan part turned, it would set the generator in motion so it in turn could supply power for the caboose. so it can be done. I'm just sorry your idea isn't original....Oh well.

are there any slam door trains still in use on london rail services and what happend to all the old ones?

Only if the windmill is over 21. ;-)

why are the telephone poles along railroad tracks so short?

No, only a wind turbine would work.

If you have worked for the Union Pacific?

why would you want to?

I would like to know the easiest way in getting from Tustin, CA to Yucaipa, CA via "train" (train station)

yes u can, however you must go in reverse when going forward up hill! glad to be of help.

what are the two fastest train from delhi to mumbai. tell me their timings and duration of their journey.?

Yes, you could use it to pump water to the caboose.

was there a song for the underground railroad?

Only if you can retract it when going under bridges or through tunnels.

What triggers the crossarm warning signs come down at Railroad crossings?

I don't know can you?
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