Railway work does any one know of a company that sponsers people {payes for them}if they want to work on the?

there are loads of places that do the training,but i need someone to sponser me,so if you know of any companys please leave some details,and then i can work for them after


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CSX Rail is no longer charging for their conductor training, and they pay you while you are at the Phase 2 conductor school in Atlanta (I am not sure if they pay during the phase 1 classroom part). Go to the CSX website:
for more info.

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I assumed you meant to work in the transportation department, so that you could become an engineer later. If you want, you can also try the mechanical department (they fix the engines and cars) or the engineering department (not the kind of engineer that runs the trains, this is the department that build and maintains the tracks, signalling systems, and so on - maintenance of way).

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try hofer . one on . rail track. if thay cant try the job center

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many of the companies train you to work their way.
you just have to get hired.
some companies require you to take a "railroad class" before they will hire you (like CSX)
avoid them!
apply to any railroad thru the railroad retirement board's website
that site will have links to many railroads to get hired in your area

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hope this helps

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As a general rule in the UK the Train operators pay both for training and your salary whilst you learn. so basically get those applications in if you want to work on the railway and see how it goes

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Can you clarify your question?
You are looking for sponsorship?
But you need training?
What field, conductor? cabin steward? engineering? mechanic?

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The only place I can think of is the military. They will pay you (sponsorship) while they train you and even throw in a bonus for signing up, ($12,000) not a bad deal if you ask me.
Now, the trick here is to be "trained" in a railway profession and avoid being sent to that killing place in the middle-east.

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The US Army Corps of Engineers http://www.usace.army.mil/howdoi/employm... is your best bet for world class railway training.

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The US Coast Guard is the best choice for those that do not want to go to that very bad place in the middle-east that blows people up.

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The US Army is your best bet for top money upfront, ($12,000.00 bonus).

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The US Navy does not have much use for trains or tracks so that leaves them out.

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The US Air Force tends to be a bit lofty when it comes to ground based transportation so you might want to skip them if your looking for railway work.

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Hope this helps. Good Luck.
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