Do hobos still ride trains in the usa. and are they violent?


What are the consequences of travelling on a train without a Valid ticket in your country?

America most wanted had a segment last summer on them and they are a tuff bunch maybe cheek out

Railway budget, how it is?

Do you have way too much free time...or do I need to give you a life?

I want to know about train time table?

Yes and yes.

Why can't we have superfast trains in the US like they do in France and Japan?

I'm not completley sure, but, my assumption would be no. If i'm correct, they used to ride trains to find jobs during the great deppression. So, that would sort of eliminate the need for them to do that today, when you can find open jobs almost anywhere. I don't think that at any point in time, you could call hobos "violent".

What is good train ride in Canada?

Just in New York, Jersey, Chicago, and Los Angeles!
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