Could somebody explain to me what trains are hauling from where to where?

are they coming from ports with their cargo and going to factories or other ports?

How much does it cost single from huddersfield to leeds on the train?

anybody know for certain?


Are there any B Units that are used with EMD DD35? Because I know UP has some?

Well, it depends what they are carrying, but it could be from a mine to a power station, a bin yard to a landfill, a Nuclear Plant to a de-radiation Plant, a car factory to a port, a container train to the port from another port. The possibilities are endless!
And that's only freight... Passenger workings go from all over the place!
If you want to see some wagons used, google 'Freightliner Heavy Haul, and then click on fleet.

Do train tracks meet?

they carry cargo in bulk at cheaper rates than for trucking for the same goods. the destination is from source to outlet. it may be going from a single plant to another plant, and all trains make money hauling both raw materials and final product. and everthing in between. they all have points of pickup and delivery.

When in Bari , What is the best train route to get to Pompeii?

anything you can imagine from coal to fuel oil radios to cars and yes even drugs lol
they do both from port to port and from factories to ports

Approximately how long does the freight train from Vancouver take to arrive in Calgary?

Generally, products from a supplier to to a purchaser, or, transferring goods from one location to another.

What is the closest railway station to lerwick?

all depends, some cars are from ports, others are from a local mfg. or shipping house. most "big" type business's are located in an industrial zone, if you pay attention, you'll probably see an old rust set of tracks going right into the heart of the district. but i guarantee the train is either going backwards or fwds.

I need to travel from clapham junc to maida vale daily,whats the cheapest rail card/ticket i can use?

. It really depends what state you are in, In Wyoming and surrounding area they mainly carry coal

Railroad school?

Freight is wonderful in it's infinite variety.
It could be anything, going to anywhere from anywhere, couldn't it?
In just the same manner, all kinds of passengers could be going from anywhere to anywhere.

Name the world's most fastest train ?

Freight trains in the UK carry mainly bulk goods like coal, steel, crushed stone for roads or railway ballast, road vehicles and/or parts, or containers.

Do you miss the sound of the old diesels like the GP-7, etc?

One type of train called a 'merry-go-round' carries coal non-stop from mine to power station: it passes slowly under loading hoppers at the mine, travels over a return loop and off to the power station, passes slowly over unloading hoppers, back over another return loop, back to the mine and so on...

Why do trains run with open, empty boxcars?

Containers are loaded from ships at ports e.g. Southampton, Harwich and are taken by rail to depots where they are loaded onto lorries for the final lap of the journey.

What are the trains running from vijaywada to macherla?

The Channel Tunnel means many freight trains coming into and out of the UK from Europe. This was the case before with the train ferries but is now much increased.

What is the website for the train station in lynchburg Va.?

Newspapers and mail also go by train but this sector is facing increasing competition from road traffic.

Anyone ever rode a freight train (in a boxcar etc, not a locomotive) ? What is it like?

A number of trains are operated by Network Rail or their contractors for engineering and maintenance purposes and these can carry anything from crushed stone for ballast to track components or specialised equipment, etc.

How much air pollution do train engines cause?

They haul to and from ports. Usually bulk items or items to large to put on a truck. Coal, iron ore and other raw materials.

Do you collect mth toy trains because me and my dad do?

Trains in and out of Southampton carry containers with imports and exports between the ships and the factories and distribution depots throughout Britain.
Also, ironically, special trains carry cars and vans to the ships and then return carrying imported cars and vans.

1976 train set?

Some also carry passengers.

Anyone knows how is the work at the amtrak's yards?

Look around the room you are in.

I am looking for a book that prices construction work on London Underground.?

Everything in it, including the room itself, has been transported by rail either as raw material or finished product at one point in time.

Ajmer to combatore inbetween railway stations?

Generally, railroads haul:

Why are train tickets more expensive at rush hour?

- Bulk commodities -- coal, grain, ore, ethanol (can't go by pipelone)

What is the nearest amtrak train station if I live at 17731 eleven place, west lynnwood, WA 98037?

- Toxic chemicals -- that really, really shouldn't be on the highways

Who is good w/ buses or trains and lives somewhere near pomona?

- Miscellaneous "boxcar load" traffic between industries which both have rail service... coils of steel, newsprint, lumber, auto parts for new cars. New cars, too.

What are some detailed online sources regarding the implementation of a high-speed rail in the US?

- Intermodal traffic, seagoing containers and truck trailers -- which could be ANYTHING a truck might haul. Big container ships can't get through the Panama canal, so lots of container traffic is merely crossing North America.

How do i get to charring cross hospitall from the station?

To answer your question properly you would need the train numbers like 1H04, then perhaps an off duty signaler may be able to tell you, where its come from and where its going.
I can tell you that Tesco, uses Eddie Stobart Rail to transport alot of their stuff (food, cloths ect) from their Depot in the midlands up to another Tesco depot up in Scotland where it is then transfered on to lorries for for short haul deliveries to their shops.
Sorry that I cannot be of further assistance.

What is the fastest speed a train has ever travelled at anywhere in the world?

Trains haul bulk materials both importing and exporting.

Save me some money, please...?

Only the rail carrier has the minute to minute index of all cargo.
They do not post this for public view nor do other staff discuss the details. Information is on a need to know basis. This is largely to curb rail theft. There are people who would use train
information other than its content for evil or misguided purposes.
If reader has been asking too many questions I would expect a report being made to MI-5. Is someone watching you?
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