Is it legal to walk on railroad tracks from town to town?

Thinking about a long walking trip in the US and thinking of using rail lines rather than dangerous highways.


How fast can a train go?

I would argue that, from the standpoint of being run down, it is safer to walk the railroad right of way.

Why dont trains use cabooses anymore??

As a rule, even though private property, being picked up for trespassing is unlikely, except for rail yards. These are always posted "no trespassing" and in most cases fenced, either in whole or in part. Around these yards is where you are most likely to run into difficulty with the unsavory folks found around and about. The yards are also the most dangerous places as far as moving equipment is concerned. Go around them.

What are the high speed trains in China called?

You must keep your wits about you, however. Fijibabi speaks the truth about getting nailed on account of not being able to hear equipment approaching from the rear, especially when considering that locomotives don't always pull cars. They shove them also, and the cars sneaking up on you make very little noise.

What automobile engine was used to power the railroad train?

The biggest danger is where there is impaired side clearance, such as where the road is cut into the side of a mountain or along river banks and levees, and always on a bridge or trestle. If you get caught on one of these bridges or trestles by someone, since they are also almost always posted "no trespassing," you are subject to arrest, but you maintain the right to remain silent.. If caught by a train, you'll not be arrested, but you will have the right to remain dead.

I want to take my car on the train from dover to paris?

Wear boots with good ankle support to avoid a sprain on all the uneven ground and use a little common sense. Works every time, just like a de-rail.

Why duty hours of loco pilots of eastern railway,sealdah division is 18 hours and more at a strech.?

Legal, yes. Dangerous, yes. You might be stopped for trespassing on private property.

Where can I see a restored PRR GG-1?

It would be trespassing, though you are unlikely to get into trouble for it (unless you are in a rail yard). But don't fool yourself into thinking it is a safe way to travel. Many bad folks (drunks/addicts/psychotics) and gangs linger along the rails. Not to mention getting hit by trains (yes they're big and noisy, but people get wiped out all the time by the train they never saw coming).

What's the technical difference (if any) between normal tracks and tracks for high speed trains? Many Thanks

*no it is illegal and very dangerous stick to the roads it is safer.

Does anybody know the cost of the train would be to newbury from shrewsbury?

I work for a railway company but do not live in the US so can not comment on whether it is legal or not. However, if you get hit by a train which is quite likely then the railway company will have no liability for you being there and hurting or killing you.

How would somone take a train from Baltimore (BWI) to Fredericksburg?

When walking on a railway line, it is sometimes impossible to hear a train approaching depending on winds and direction etc. You might get hit from behind and you will not know a thing about it. (This HAS happened)! I would seriously reconsider taking a walk on a railway line. Take some quiet back country road instead of the railway or main highway.

What is the disadvantages of high speed trains?

technically, you're trespassing. Some areas and companies will prosecute. Using secondary roads would probably be safer. Check with national park service for trails like Daniel Boone.

Is there a way to go, from england to amsterdam with train?

Only if u get caught. Its probaly better no poeple going to attack you

What are the trains between New delhi and Haridwar?

You will encounter signs that say you will be arrested if caught trespassing. The less maintained lines may not have these signs.
Train trestles can be quite dangerous. Remember the movie "Stand By Me"
I went over one that was quite old. It got my heart pumping really good.
I will never do that again.

Can I take a train to and from Boston out of Ny,and how long is it?

aha the glamors life of a hobo

Warwick Parkway Railway Station?

Its illegal and dangerous.

Where do all the MRT trains go at the end of the day?

Stay off the tracks!

How to make a bachmann model train go faster?

Sounds like an interesting trip. An alternative to walking on active lines is walking on a "rail-trail", which is infinitely safer since the chance of being struck by a train is nil. This would require more planning, since the trail movement is still in the early stages and most trails are not very long. However, I am fortunate enough to live near a trail which is complete from just south of Pittsburgh to Washington DC, which is 335 (trail) miles and if it's convenient for you I'd highly recommend it.

Dear sir i want to start railway ticketing bussiness. how can i do it?

I've pasted a link to the trail mentioned above, and also a link which lists various trails nationwide.

Is there still train companys that need chefs or cooks?

It's like this. Suppose you do not want to die from a coconut falling on your head and cracking your noggin open. There is a very simple strategy to prevent this; don't stand under coconut trees!

Has anybody worked the CSX line along the Youghiogheny River (part of Balt-Pgh main line)?

The same thing applies to being hit by trains!

How many tons can a Dash 9 Locomotive pull?

Trains can be unbelievably quiet, you cannot trust your senses to tell you a train's coming unless you are actively looking -- and nobody has the attention span to look behind them every 2 seconds for hundreds of miles.

How much is it from Liverpool to Leeds on a train?

So forget about walking ON the track, it just ain't safe. If you are within 10 feet of a rail, you should consider your life in mortal and imminent danger!


That said, it may be safe (though certainly not legal!) to walk along the edge of the railroad right-of-way...

Why no caboose?

... but far safer would be abandoned or inactive, grown-over railroad grades around the country, especially in the east, some of which have been converted into walking/binking trails, ... others of which have not have not been converted, but are still passable (mostly).

Whom to contact in case of e-train ticket reservation problem?

There are also little-used branchlines, but these may be the deadliest of all because it's hard to maintain a constant lookout for a train you know only runs once a day, and that's when it'll get you!

What brand and model of air horns does Canadian National use on the big diesels?

Good luck, hope we don't see you on

How long is the journey from aldgate to wembley park on the underground?

it is 100% illegal to walk the railroad right of way, and dangerous
the rail way belongs to the rail company
you may not get off of the tracks in time to avoid being hit by a train

Can i find indian rail informatin?

get yourself a bicycle, and ride WITH the traffic on the right side of the roadway, obey traffic laws
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