What do trains in the US mainly transport? Where are they loaded where are they unloaded?


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The list of loads transported by U.S. railroads would be too numerous to list. In fact, it might be easier to list what they don't transport.

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Railways haul raw materials (coal, coke, wood, grain, stone, ore), partially finished products (lumber, coil steel, auto parts, milled flour), and fully finished products (vehicles, paper, cement, construction equipment).

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The loads can originate just about anywhere, and end up anywhere as well - be it domestic or international. I've seen loads of finished vehicles, cereal, electronics, beer, shredded magazines, newsprint, plastic pellets, and many more, too numerous to list.

Is there any rail infrastructure at all on the African continent?

Basically, if it can be loaded onto a rail car, it probably has been.

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Cars, lumber, roofing, liquid chemicals, rocks, limestone, coal. Anything that is in bulk that needs to be moved long distance. More and more, imports coming in from overseas in containers are loaded directly onto trains and shipped to rail heads across the country to be transshipped.

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Trains in the US transport many different Commodities, Some of the most common are Grain, Coal, and Cement, Paper Products. they are loaded and unloaded at factories and mines that have rail lines.

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Everything you own and see has been transported by rail at one point or another and in one form or another.
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