What is the difference between an `A` end and `B` end on a standard BR locomotive.?

I have noticed this mentioned alot with the Scottish class 37s. Is there any internal indiction for the drivers of which end of the loco they are in.


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In the UK double cabbed loco's have there cabs labled as "Number 1 End" and "Number 2 End" this is to help drivers and maintenance staff identify where different components are located inside the loco in conjunction with fault finding and general opperation. As a general rule, the "Number 1 End" is usually the end where the radiator is located, the "Number 2 End" is where the electrical equipment is. (This is true for a 37, 31, 20, 50 etc,etc.........)

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The idea originally came about during the 1950's and 60's modernisation plan for BR, as with Steam engines, it's pretty obvious which is the front, but with the then new diesels having two cabs either end could be the front, so, at the design stage it was decided that they would become "Number 1" and "Number 2 " ends respectivly. This means of identification is now standard throughout the UK and Europe.

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The A end is the end nearest the engine, the B end is obviously the other end. There is no real difference, unlike a steam locomotive where you would run either tender first or loco first (boiler pointing forwards). Drivers know what end they are in as they are trained on this when they have their test, or the other easy bit is if they look out of the windscreen and see the train, they are in wrong cab!

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if I know trains the a end is the end facing the direction of travel

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Does it matter as long as the driver knows.

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it usually means which is the driven end i.e has the gear box. usually b end oposite to the drvers cab
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