Driver Ed.(answer both question please,thank you)?

1.What are 2 reasons why you should ease up on the accelerator when a blowout occurs?

Is this reason enough to make fun of me on public transportation?

2.Why should you not brake immediately when a blowout occurs?


how many 16 -24 year old s are killed each year on the roads in the uk?

The proper action following a blow-out is to slightly accelerate. This will keep the vehicle momentum constant and will compensate for the pulling of the vehicle towards the flat tire. The steering wheel should be held straight and firm. Once the vehicle is under control and away from traffic, the driver should decelerate or brake lightly to stop the vehicle. Michelin reports approximately 535 fatalities and 23,000 collisions per year due to a tire blowout. It is nearly impossible to train for the occurrence and the actions of the driver immediately following the event could be the difference between a severe wreck and simply changing a tire.

what is the stopping distanceof a dodge 2500at 51 mph?

Any sudden changes in acceleration like taking you foot off the gas pedal or even worse stomping on the brakes will probably make you lose control of the car because not all four wheels have the same traction. The best thing to do is to ease off the gas and brake slowly (as diffucult as that might be).

What's the best booster seat to buy for a car?

both the questions have one answer. one reason. The momentum of the vehical. in the first case you are not speeding to avail options of safety by taking little sidewards swings to avoid further harm and in the second case you are not applying breaks to stumbel or roll out..

Do you think seat belts save lives or take lives? Best answer gets 10 points.?

To be able to coast to a slow stop.
Should concentrate on steering only. Try not to pa-nick, watch the road ahead.

Why do people not obey traffic laws?

Brakes should only be applied if the vehicle has coasted to under 25 mph. A gentle braking pressure will bring you to a slow stop.
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