Is buying a vehicle at auction typically a safe way to go?


Question for drives ed class?

Can be a real bargain, or a real ripoff...
Depends on how much you know about cars, and on how much time you take inspecting the one you want to bid on.
Good luck!

seriously why do the cops never seem to ticket tailgating drivers?

Not if you're not a mechanic.

what should i do when i drive ,over drive on or off?what burn more gas?please help me out?

auctions aren't really the best because you can't start the engine or drive it or even look inside it your bidding on what you see from the outside

Do those "PUSH BUTTON FOR WALK SIGNAL" buttons really work?

I am a used car dealer. When you buy from a auction you will not get any kind of guarantee at all .Lots of junk. Only buy lease turn ins 2 years old or never. Stay away from repo's
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