I am getting my service and mot tomorrow morning,,?

my car tyre pressure is low and car feels as though its not smooth, will they still pass mot if car tyre pressure`s are low.

is it true that the U.K. police play snooker when stopping cars - i.e. a red, blue, black, white car etc?



Why is it the curvier road the narrower its made with lots of drop off asphault shoulders for us?

Why don't you pop round the garage and top them up before you go? But I'm sure the mechanic would be kind enough to top them up for you a little bit, it only takes a second.

what are good ways to keep your car from sliding on ice?

I believe so,pssibly because your tires are suppose to have less air in them for winter,but I'm not familiar w/ the area your in. I hope this helped a little,good luck.

Is winter tires needed for me to cross Canada from Vancouver to Toronto?

no it sounds like you have a slow puncture thats a fail according to the hubby

law enforcement personnel especially... should I dial 911 to report... (see details)?

I agree with Dan O. It takes just a minute to top them off. That way you'll be sure.

what is best car in rural area?petrol car or Cong car who is the best?

if they are doing the service befor the mot then they will be allready cheacked and adjusted

How would you know if it is safe enough to drive to work tommorow morning?

they are very strict nowadays and yes they will fail the car.
the tyres are the most important thing on a car as they are the only part of the car in contact with road(wet or dry) uneven tyre presuures on the same axle will cause the vehicle to skid when emergency braking is applied.they also fail mot's now for not having water in the windscreen wiper bottle,so check that as well tests are now £50 so a fail and re test is expensive,check all lights working as well and car horn as any will invite a fail....you owe it to yourself and passengers to keep the tyres in perfect condition as they keep you on the tarmac..also protects other roadusers as well

law against unlicensed driver operating someone elses vehicle?

Like Geoff says, you should keep your tyres topped up. You can do it for a minimal fee or free at most petrol stations and it only takes a few minutes.

looking how to find names of people killed in car accidents in Minnesota, In 2001?

Or buy a small compressor (for £10-15) and keep it in the boot. That way you can check the tyre pressure and top up if necessary wherever and whenever you want.

i want to know any questions that i would need to ask a instructor when i first sign up for a driving class?

Hope you got through the dreaded MOT!
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