Traffic Accident ?

I was involved in a traffic accident and found not at fault the other person was found to be at fault. Now she has hired an attorney for " injuries" (she was a bicyclist). In the police report she was the only one cited. Is there anything I can do ? thanks!


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Well, if the other person is responsible for the damage and injuries you need to call your insurance company and let them know. They are the ones that are going to have to pay the medical bills if the other person wins a lawsuit against you. You may also have to look into your own lawyer. If you can prove that you were in the right than you could actually sue them for damage to your vehicle and court costs.

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Counter sue for the stress and pyschological toll its taking on you. If you were found to be not at fault and she was then her case won't be much of an issue, just a waste of your time and the courts' time. Make her pay for that by suing her. Maybe if she is smart enough or her lawyer is smart enough they'll drop it before it gets to court.

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This is a matter for your insurance company. They have better lawyers than you do, and they can fight this ridiculous claim.

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I dont know what country you live in, but in Australia vehicle registration has a 3rd party insurance included in it, the cyclist would make a claim for personal injury on this, costing you personally, nothing.
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