Why are women drivers so rude with other female drivers on the road?

It's like an ego thing, or something!


Police transit vans with "Smile you are on CCTV" written on side?

women are very competetive, bitchy and strong willed.. they know how other women will react to their actions because we are women and we know how we all work........... so they do their best to piss her off where it hurts

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I think it is a woman thing. It can't be explained. I see it a lot. It is worse when an SUV is introduced.

what care should be taken for travelling long distances on a car,motorcycle,train,buses.?

women drivers (not all of them) are rude to all types of people

Looking for how many stories a car must fall to make the impact 20 miles per hour.?

cause hey all bad drivers!! lol and they yell at other women so they can hide their own drivign faults!

I've just started learning how to drive and I need help on reversing?


Why when you watch the wheels of a car, do they actually turn in the opposite direction that you would expect?

jealous of one another hair-do

Can a ball joint breaking cause any of the items listed below?

some times woman drive a car beside another woman but she find her more beautiful than her so she may be drive so rude with her

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I noticed that some of them are rude to each other in the work place too. It's got to be a woman thing.
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