Driving behavior question?

How about people who drive slowly in the left lane? People who tailgait YOU when your following behind a truck or slow car? People who don't use turn signals and don't care if you have to wait for them? Trucks that take an eternity to pass while in the passing lane?

A person was tailgating me in the right lane...?

Do you like these people? Are you one of these people?


changing the legal driving age. pros and cons.?

They should have these things in school...!! YES... SOOOO annoying! I havent been in school for a long time now- but i did take drivers ed. back then. Im sooooo ashamed to say it.... but i remember driving across country, and i was in left lane- some older couple was on my butt flashing their high beams. Honestly... i had NOOOOO clue what that meant. I checked all my guages... then just got so mad at him cuz i didnt know why he was doing that. I thought there was something wrong with my car. Im no dummy.... i just REALLY never heard of that. Stuff they dont teach you- but happens all the time! Im sure that young people reading this still wonder what the flashing brights means if someone is right behind you. Sorry- i have to.... it means get in the other lane..... faster traffic on left lane!! :) Wow- thanx for letting me vent- hmmmm.

Do you think the driving age should be raised to 18??

no, i am not one of these people, and i HATE people that do that...
Im the driver thats screaming...COME ONNNNNN lol

Renewing a drivers license eye test?

what about people who ask ten questions in one paragraph
are you one of those people

what is the minimum age at which you can get a class C driver license without either driver education or being

Believe it or not a lot of people have never heard of the fast lane.

In your opinion, which car is the best combination of good gas mileage and safety (e.g. in a crash)?

I don't like them, and on the rare occasions that I drive, I try not to be one of them.

my 15 year old daughter was hit by a car crossing the street in a 25 mile an hour zone?

( I suppose I should buy a car some day...)

why is the pressure in an automobile's tires slightly greater after the car has been driven a few miles?

Definitely not one of those people. They DRIVE me insane! Where did these people get their licenses? Cereal boxes?

a medal for what is the best way to learn how to parallel park inside the space given?

as far as trucks taking a long time to pass, hae you ever noticed that when you speed up to pass someone, 9/10 of them speed up to avoid being passed? That happens to trucks.

when you cross the border into Cali, and your car is checked, will they bust you on expired tags?

A lot of driving behavior rests in stupid ideas of ego. "getting passed means you are lame", "the left lane means you're in the fast lane, where cool people are"

What are the color codes of safety Helmets?

So far as tailgaters, the appropriate thing to do is slow down to a safe speed....which means they are 2 seconds behind you.

Whose fault was this auto accident?

I had a tailgater "push" my car once, using his car as a deadly weapon. He is VERY lucky He stopped and ran away before I managed to get my gun out.

Qualities in a good driving instructor?

He was almost shot that night.

Do 4 X 4 trucks need additional weight in the bed for winter traction?

There's only one rule that applies when driving...get in on or get it out of the way...my ex used to ride in the hammer lane...pissed me off to no end to have someone pass us on the right...we would literally fight over this because I thought that it was rude behaviour...he said that there's two lanes for a reason...I said and that's why they post slower cars keep right...it was neverending!! All of the things that you mentioned annoy me...although, I have been guilty of tailgating someone with a slow car in front of them...I figure that the person I'm tailgating can tailgate the slow vehicle and maybe the butt in the slow vehicle will get the point...and I don't flip the bird any longer...I blow kisses...I'm trying to not be as aggressive on the road these days...

Why do people who drive SUVs and big trucks not understand the concept of a compact parking spot?

How about people who can't spell "tailgate"? (Your search for 'tailgait' did not match any dictionary results.)

Whats the rule regarding orange headlights?

No, I'm actually more annoyed by those people who tend to go into road rage unless things are going just to suit them. Are you one of those people?

I did my drivers training... and was wondering if this was illegal?

You forgot to add people who tend to speed up when you are trying to pass them then slow down when you try to get over .
Then of course their is people who ask stupid questions..
Are you one of them ?

can medical responders ride in back of ambulances?

My theory is, from 20+ years of driving experience, people drive according to their own personality. Therefore, if you value life (like I do), you won't drive like you are the only person on the road.

What would you suggest as the best deterrent to drink-driving?

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