The best source of information about how drugs or medicines can affect your driving ability is________________

A. Someone who has taken the drug
B. Your doctor
C. Advertising provided by the drug manufacturer or on the label
D. A and C

Say you want to turn left out of pizzahut but the car across from u want to turn right?



Stop signs?

I'd say they are all decent choices, but for the test put D. A and C...they have more testing/first hand experience...doc just reads about the drug

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i like the movie Driving Miss Daisy

why do drivers have to drive past road closed signs?

D, although, I would have picked your pharmacist and the NTSB, but of course the manufacturer and you KNOW someone you know didn't read any label before that person took the drug and drove.
Doctors are sometimes unreliable in that they have so many meds foisted on them, that to read all the materials that come w/ them, they wouldn't have time to see patients.

Why and when did the law 70mph and why has it not been increased or decreased?

B. They are trained to know. If your not sure, ask them. As a semi driver, I must make sure that any medicine the doctor prescibes me, wont effect my driving ablities.

mattresses on the freeway in Los Angeles - Are they driving you crazy?

C - Because it is a clearly written warning. It's the same warning your doctor read before he told you not take the drug and drive. If you can't read the warning then you should not be allowed to drive.
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