Can a cop pull you over for suspicion?

If I am going the speed limit and not doing anything wrong, can an officer pull me over if he runs my plates? Second question: can an officer run my plates for the hell of it or does he need a legal reason?

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drive home from college, which is 3 hours away. I am always scared out of my mind when I see a cop and think I'm going to do something stupid. I've gotten pulled over for practically nothing, when I've heard my friends getting off for worse things. At the moment, I do not have my license. It is suspended.


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legally no they can`t run your plates for no reason that is a wast of tax payer`s money but they do just have some one else drive your car home with you. a friend or a fellow student? just don`t do any thing stupid like try to run from a cop that will make things whores.

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yes i am in training so yea!!

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Cops can do just about anything they want-seriously

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Yes. It is called profiling.

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Yes, they can run your plates (I dont know if every state but I do know in GA) but they cant pull you over for no reason, they will find a reason like seatbelt, illegal turn and stupid things like that which we do everyday but they cant pull you over for nothing and they CAN run your plate for nothing in GA

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I don't think so... however it is very easy for them to lie and say you were driving erraticly, speeding, whatever.

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Cops have a lot of latitude when it comes to things like that and it seems like the law is written especially vague just so it has wide interpretations.

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Your worried because you see a cop and wonder if hes gonna pull you over...and you have a suspended liscense.Hmmm...what is this, lets see how stupid we can be day. GET OFF THE DAMN ROAD!!

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A police officer can pull anyone over for any reason, but they may not be able to charge you with anything unless the had "probable cause" to start with. They can pull you over at bar close time just to see if they smell booze. That would be the probable cause.

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then stop driving! if there is a cop behind you, he can run your plate while following you. then he finds out your license is suspended, and you get arrested. yes, you get arrested. what did you lose your license for?

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an officer can pull you over for "suspicion". that's why it's called "suspicion".

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driving with a suspended license...ill bet no insurance to boot.

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well your breaking the law every time you drive you know it and do it anyway. As far as running your plates they can yes and do if they think it is suspicious activity. He does not need a legal reason all they say is left brake light was out. Only different between police and crooks is police have a job.

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Watch your back and don't take chances. I was pulled over in Miss. because the cop said his computer showed my car tags were expired although the sticker was current and the registration was current and I had the receipt. They're crooks.

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yes the officer can do that hes the law he thinks anything is wrong, hes going to pull u over,or if he thinks up somthing stupid. all is ok then he can pull u over for seatbelt check,equ,ins,ect,ect.

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Yes a cop can pull you over anytime they want.Well do not drive then if you that scared.You seems like you hiding something else.

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1.)they can do anything ,only if they don't get caught
2.)they can do anything ,only if they don't get caught

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A cop can pretty much pull you over if he is bored. I know some police in my state and some times they pull over people at random and most of the time it pays off in their favor. I would be careful, because suspended license in most states is pretty serious. In my state you could be held in jail at a $60,000 bond ($6,000 cash) and have your car impounded.

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Maybe you should stop driving with a suspended license then you wouldn't have to worry, just makes sense.

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As for running plates, they need no reason to do it, they can just do it, because any car can be stolen. In LA I believe they have a system that checks all license plates on cars that they drive by to see if it's stolen and such.

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Yeah they can pull you over when ever they want too. we have a new deputy in our county. Last night he pulled over my sons girlfriend because he saw her pull away from the bar my son cooks in. All she was there for was to to pick him up from work. She is too young to drink and my son doesn't drink at work.

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For suspicion, yes. But they can't just pull you over. They have to have a reason. For example: They are looking for a blue Ford Escort that was involved in a hit and run. You happen to drive a blue Ford Escort. They can pull you over and question you. But they can't just drive down the road and run your tags for the hell of it. They have to have a reason for running your tags. Why? Because if the tags come back with a hit (wanted for something, tags come back stolen) then they HAVE to have had a reason to stop you in the first place or else they have to answer why they ran your tags for fun.

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Now, if you are driving down the road, and going below the speed limit, they may pull you over on the suspicion of being under the influence of a substance. Not that you are, but because if you are driving too slowly, you are endangering yourself. Same goes, they can get you for reckless driving for driving too slow.

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Your best bet...if you are suspended, for whatever reason, don't drive. That way, you won't get yourself in to any more trouble than you already are.

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a cop has the right to run your plates anytime they want and yes they can pull you over if he suspects you are wanted or you are breaking the law if you have been pulled over several times already and they know your licenses are suspended then they are waiting to catch you out driving,

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I was going to answer this but so many people did such a fine job that I decided to let you know about, Like the comment Stay off the damn road.

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Here in Texas a cop can pull anyone over for "probable cause" and most every time they run a check of the plates. I find that usually when an officer pulls you over, the cards are really stacked against you because in most cases, they have already done their homework. I was recently pulled over for speeding, tried everything to get out of it, but the smart *** wrote me up anyway. $130.00. Fortunately, I was able to do the defensive driving course online and have the ticket dismissed. Still had to pay the $130. :-) There is no legal reason required to pull you over or to run your plates. All thats required is suspicion (probable cause) by the officer.

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If they want you, they can get you.

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Had an incident many years ago. Irritated a cop and was going down the road making sure everything was right. He pulled me over and eventually it came down to him telling me that he could find some drugs n my glove box, if I kept messing with him and I would be arrested. So I told him what he wanted to know then he left. So they can do anything they want within reason, and some things beyond reason.
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