When you cross the border into Cali, and your car is checked, will they bust you on expired tags?


What kind of service does your city offer drunk drivers this weekend?

The Califonia Department of Agriculture only has the authority to enforce agricultural laws. They may advise you that the tags are expired, but they are not to take any police action, since they are not police officers.

What is the UK law on towing a car behind a motor caravan?

If you mean California, they are agricultural inspections >
they are not looking at tags, If you mean somewhere else IDK.

how many names should there be on a petition for something to get results?

That is not their intended purpose, but, there are a lot of idiots and jerks promoted beyond their ability... Why would you want to risk getting busted?

If I am looking to buy myself (an older teen) a used car, how do I find the safety ratings?

Oh, I see, you like to spend half a day sitting on the roadside... in bad weather, while they tow your illegal vehicle...

Why do people drive around rail road crossing gates when they are lowered and a train is approaching?

Most of us renew by internet, or mail... Ya gotta be suffering from Alsheimers to forget something like paying the taxman!
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