Can I sue for no Air bags going off? Front air bags didn't go off nor did the side airbags?

I was turning and was more than half-way across the street ( in fact on the other side) and was hit. The police said it was my fault but I want to know if I can sue mitsubishi because my 2001 Montero SUV's airbags did not go off. Nobody was hurt but me ( my children were in the car with me). I hit my head on the window but nothing too serious. I need to know if I can legally sue though for no airbags going off. I was hit in the front driver's side tire. It caved in the axle and I was not able too control the car. It completely destroyed the front side.


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Why don't you just sue God for letting this horrible accident happen in the first place? I HATE morons like you! Read your manual and try finding something in it that says your airbags WILL deploy and you WILL NOT be injuried. SRS is designed and calibrated to deploy at certain speeds, angles and negative acceleration. If the system doesn't meet even ONE of those set prameters then they don't blow. Go ahead and sue, idiot. You will never make it to court and your vomit eating lawyer will charge you thousands for nothing.

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no seat belt?, no one can give you a clear answer, sue? i don't know , they're lawyers would proabley chew you up

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You want to sue a Jap car company. Good luck with that. Next time learn how to drive.

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No, the front air bags are only suppose to deploy in a severe head-on impact. What you described doesn't sound to be in accordance with this. An air bag deployment can cause more injury than good at low speed impact or if you are not wearing your seat belt.

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First thing is you need to find out if there are any airbag sensors in the area that was hit. The sensors need to be hit hard enough to break the concrete inside to activate the airbags. This takes a direct hit on the sensor. Hitting close to the sensor isn't enough.

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Then you need to find out how hard the impact was. Generally the impact must be harder than a 25 mph direct hit to deploy the airbags. I'm not sure of the exact rating, but it will be roughly that speed.

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If all of the criteria has been met, then check for any service bulletins concerning the airbags. That will probably be enough homework to decide if a lawsuit is warranted. But, I'm not a lawyer.

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Airbags are calibrated to go off only under certain conditions and decceleration rates, their intent is to help you survive a potentially lethal accident not to help you avoid a bump on the head. Also if you read the warning labels plastered all over the car and the visor you will see they are only a supplementary safety device designed to work with seatbelts.

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Probably not, since the airbags in the front seat are designed to deploy upon direct frontal (and/or direct rear) collision. Actually, you should be glad they didn't deploy as replacing them costs nearly $ 2,000 in some cases, and that would've put a severe crimp in your insurance claim.
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